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(Re)producing the Exhibition, (Re)thinking Art History. On the Visual Archives of Primary Structures

Remi Parcollet
Traduction de Simon Pleasance
Cet article est une traduction de :
(Re)produire l’exposition, (re)penser l’histoire de l’art. Autour des archives visuelles de Primary Structures
Other Primary Structures
Other Primary Structures

New York : The Jewish Museum, 2014, 2 livrets non paginé, ill. 25 x 22cm, eng


ISBN : 9780300197334

Préf. de Jens Hoffmann. Textes de Joanna Montoya

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Notes de la rédaction

Every year, the Centre national des arts plastiques (CNAP) awards research grants in theory and art criticism to several researchers who are involved in work that is at once exemplary and necessary. In partnership with the CNAP, Critique d’art offers one of these researchers the chance to promote his or her research project by publishing an essay in the review, which gives both researcher and work increased visibility, while at the same time helping to publicize policies supporting theory and art criticism in France.

The seven researchers receiving grants in 2016 are: Bruno Fernandes, devoting a research project to the use and territoriality value of the nude, in its spectacular depictions in Japan during the years of postwar growth (1945-1989); Erik Bullot, who is working on film and its double at the crossroads of ventriloquism, patter and performativity; Emma Dusong, who is interested in the links between song and contemporary art in the American scene, and Mériam Korichi, who returns to philosophy after art; Cédric Vincent, exploring the archives of the First World Festival of Negro Arts; and Judith Ickowicz who, in the continuity of her work on the law after the dematerialization of the work of art, is editing an anthology composed of texts acting as legal sources in the history and theory of design. And last of all Remi Parcollet, whose research focuses on photographers taking exhibition views in Europe and the United States between 1960 and 2000, thus broaching both the history of exhibitions and the history of exhibition curating studded with images.

Alexis Vaillant

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Ce document sera publié en ligne en texte intégral en mai 2017.

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These days, the view of the exhibition seems to be an obligatory way of dealing with the relation between art and photography. Over and above a praxis, it is nothing less than a photographic paradi...

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Remi Parcollet, « (Re)producing the Exhibition, (Re)thinking Art History. On the Visual Archives of Primary Structures », Critique d’art [En ligne], 46 | Printemps/Eté 2016, mis en ligne le 20 mai 2017, consulté le 29 mars 2017. URL : ; DOI : 10.4000/critiquedart.21192

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